Heirloom Venues of Utrecht is responsible for the exploitation of three extraorinary monuments in Utrecht: Paushuize, the Geertekerk and Huize Molenaar. hospitality and the culinary framework of our gatherings.

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The staff adapted everything perfectly to the weather. Our guests gave us a lot of compliments on the apertizer and the spoom which we had in your beautiful city garden. The posibility to use the piano during dinner made the ambiance even better.

I enjoy organising events at your venue every single time.

It was an unforgettable evening after my oration at the auditorium. A lot of my guests told me how excited they were to be a guest in such a special building. Of course they also told me how much they liked the food.

One of the best kept secrets of the culinairy side of Utrecht. A classical venue and a cuisine of top quality.

Our anual lecture at your venue is the most valued meeting of the year. It has a high attendance, satisfied participants, good ambiance and tasty food.

This realy is a fantastic cultural and culinary experience. Top quality in food and service and a wonderfull entourage. The staff is very enthousiastic!

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